Hello! 👋 I'm Gerard.

Front-end developer & UX/UI designer based in Spain. Serial entrepreneur with a passion for SaaS products. Always open to chat, feel free to drop me a line!

What I do

From software to real estate.

  • Senseily


    Monetize your knowledge. Web platform to help creators and educators build and sell online courses, coaching services, webinars, and more from their own website and with no coding skills.

  • Biventa


    Real estate agency based in Barcelona, Spain. Helping people to sell their properties at the maximum value possible and assisting buyers in finding the perfect home to fits their needs.

  • TokenForge


    Non-Fungible Tokens are cool but managing them can be less accessible than we would like them to be. With TokenForge, creating, buying, selling and managing NFT is easier than ever.

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